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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tales of the Re-Unemployed

Well...I'm back!  I don't know if any is interested in hearing from me again, but last time I was unemployed, writing this blog kept me sane and everyone was so encouraging toward me that I thought, what the hell...I will write again and document my journey toward employment!!

I can't believe a year has gone by...almost to the day, that I last posted.  I stayed at my contract position for 13 months and was let go last Friday July 20th.  It was shocking on so many levels.  Shocking because I still loved it there despite the challenges.  Shocking because I was in the midst of another group hire of CSR's (which was something I did often).  And shocking mostly because of how it was done.  Friday night, 630pm, on the phone, while I was at Happy Hour with a couple of girlfriends.  I sobbed right in the bar!

I'll be honest, part of me felt off that whole week.  I had a bad week.  I was busy, I was emotional on a level I had never experienced (still don't know why) and I lost my shit twice in situations when I shouldn't have and that is very unlike me.  (Once with one of my best friends, and once at work!).  In no way did I think I would get fired...because if I am honest with myself, that is what happened...saying my contract ended early (I was supposed to be there through the end of December) is just a nicer way of saying it!

I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I no longer work there.  Like I said, it was challenging. But I believed in what I was doing, I loved knowing that a lot of the people I was helping were so grateful to be given the opportunity to work there and that I was making a difference to their lives.  I recruited from entry level to senior level positions and every single one of those people meant something to me and the company.  I am truly proud of the work that I did there, and despite the ending, the journey was amazing...it was the hardest yet most fun year of my recruiting career.  I learned so much about the industry and myself along the way and learned that I am a much more capable person than I knew possible.

So, here I am.  Back looking for work, BUT with a year of InHouse recruiting under my belt, and a wealth of knowledge I didn't know the last time I was unemployed.  I think that is worth something.  I also have a lot of new contacts and connections and I plan on being as proactive as I possibly can.  I've applied to a bunch of jobs already, applied for unemployment and sent my resume to everyone I can possibly think of that might be able to help.  I have no shame!!  Any and all help is appreciated, and I am not afraid to ask for it!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Month In...

It's been a while readers...one month actually. 

I've missed writing, but work has been so busy and I've wanted to wait a bit so I had something to say. I was at a Spark event tonight and a friend mentioned my blog and I thought...yeah...now is a good time to write!

All in all, its been a great experience.  My team are amazing and SO funny...and they welcomed me with open arms.  It gets stressful.... but someone cracks a joke and we laugh and all is better.  I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with.

It's not all wine and roses though.  I feel pretty humbled by some of the experiences I have had.  Not everything has been perfect.  Learning a new industry is harder than I imagined, and working for a large company after working for small ones for 7 years is an adjustment.  I don't always do/say the right thing.  I know I make mistakes and I can take the constructive criticism but it can sting a little, and I have (re)learn how to work in a stressful environment without panicking every time something goes wrong.  I want so badly (maybe too much) to make a good impression and work hard and sometimes that may come across the wrong way.  But I feel like everything happens for a reason, and this job at this time in my life is a growth opportunity and I am grateful for that.

The feedback from the hiring managers I am working with and speaking to the candidates though makes it all better and I go in the next day feeling really grateful to be working again... even if its just for a few months. I feel invigorated and like my old self again...like a real member of society.  I know that may sound funny but being unemployed for as long as I was is very isolating and being downtown and walking around, engaging in conversation with like-minded people does make me so incredibly happy!!

The last few weeks have been exhausting.  I went to Lodi (Ca) for a Career Fair and had a blast with my 2 co-workers and met an amazing group of people who work in our offices there.  It was hard work and a lot of extra hours, but it was a huge success and worth every minute.  This week has been a week of work and 2 volunteering events with Spark.  Yesterday was a Swap for Good for the young girls of Oasis and tonight was the Kick-Off Party for our annual Black & Pink Ball (October 21st, go to Sparksf.org for more details).  Though so VERY tired both days, doing these events feeds my soul and makes me happy.  The women of Spark are such a diverse and interesting group and I love being around them, and talking to new members about what we do makes me so proud to be a part of it.

I have no big plans this weekend.  Juan has been in Florida visiting his grandparents and comes back Friday, so I am so excited to see him!  He left right after I started working and I miss our time together. I am assured by his mother he is the same.... but also different.  I didn't think it was possible, but apparently he is even more of a little boy than before! (I see more cars in my future!).  I've missed him and can't wait to see him!

So, that is the update!  Sorry it has been so long. I will try to do better. Not just in writing but in everything!!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Name Change??!!

Well, my faithful readers...I have a job!! At least for the next 3 months!!


It happened so quickly I can barely believe it myself.  I interviewed on Tuesday, got a call on Wednesday, signed the paperwork on Thursday, and I'm going for the drug test today (Friday). I should be able to start in week (maybe less).  I'm not sure what my title will be just yet, probably Contract Recruiter.  I will be working in the Healthcare industry which is totally new to me but that is what I wanted...a new challenge in a new industry!!

I can't wait to start going into an office everyday and being part of a team.  I really liked the people I met  and I know they will be good to work with.  I will have a huge learning curve learning the lingo so I plan on doing some research before I get started so I don't sound like a complete fool! LOL!  The office is in downtown San Francisco, right around the corner from my old office.  I can't wait to get dressed up everyday, to commute, and to be, once again, part of the downtown hustle and bustle!! Most of all, I can't wait to have a REAL paycheck once again!!  The contract could go longer providing I do a good job, and that there is enough work to go around...but the opportunity to get in and learn something new is the best part.

I've been keeping pretty busy as well.  Last Friday, Karla and I went for a REALLY long walk around the City.  We walked from my house to the deYoung Museum to see the Balenciaga and Spain exhibit, around the exhibit, then through Golden Gate Park all the way to Japantown. (for those of you in SF you know that is pretty far!!)  I take for granted this beautiful City where I live and it was nice to get out and see some things I hadn't seen before.  Saturday was Juan's first concert...he was so adorable!! We (his parents, me and his godfather) were all so proud!! I am going to miss picking him up from school and taking him to his piano and singing lesson...and all the funny conversations we have on the bus!! I am going to try and squeeze in a couple of little things with him before I go back to work...one of which is taking him to the SF FD Museum.  I know he will love it!! On Sunday Nicole and I went to the playground with Juan and she and I went to the Haight Street Festival. (Juan went to his first Giants game with his Dad).  I also got to catch up with Olivia and some other ladies downtown after my interview on Tuesday!  It was so fun, and I can't wait to see them more once I am back in swing of things!!

Favorite sketch from the Balenciaga Exhibit

Cool alley off of Stanyan Street

Juan's Concert

At Golden Gate Park

I am so happy to be getting back to work, but I'd be lying to say I am not nervous.  After so many months of being home and looking for work, there is a teeny part of me that is worried about it. Is it like riding a bike? Will all those memory muscles just come back? Will I still have the same skills I had before? Will the people who hired me like me once they start seeing me everyday? Will they extend my contract or will I again be looking for work in 3 months??  I'm trying to ignore all these nagging questions in my head and Chanting helps alleviate them at night when my brain won't shut off...but I guess I won't really know until I get started.

Writing this blog has helped me immensely during this time...I can't thank all of you enough for reading and for the kind comments and encouragement. As I've said many many times on here...I have the best family and friends, and all of you have stuck by me and listened to me!! I am SO very lucky to have you all in my life!!

I want to keep writing about my transition back into the working world, however...I think the blog needs a new name....Any suggestions????


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quick Update....

I have an interview this afternoon and couldn't be more excited!!!  It is for a Contract job for a leading California Healthcare Company in downtown San Francisco!!  All the phone interviews finally are paying off.  It is a short contract to start and could go longer...I am willing to do anything at this point!! (Well not anything..but you know what I mean!!). 

The great news is...I should know by the end of this week....so SF peeps...get ready to celebrate...or commiserate with me this weekend!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Option to Hire.....

Another week...with nothing new to report really...but here we go: 
I had a last minute phone interview on Friday but I don't think it is for me....another highly commissioned job.  Today though, I have a phone interview for a contract job at another Bank.  It is a very similar role to the one I interviewed for a few months go.  It is a 3 month contract with the option to hire on full time.  Needless to say...I am very interested!!

Other than the usual (applying to jobs and phone interviewing), I've been trying to keep busy.  Spending time with Juan, doing little things around the house, and going for walks around my neighborhood.  This week I am going to tackle the last of my 3 projects I set for myself a few months back...the dreaded paperwork!!! I got a portable file system and I have mentally prepared myself for the task ahead!  Why I hold on to so much paper I don't know, but once this project is complete I am making it a thing of the past!!!

I'm trying to balance the looking for work with some more fun things as well.  I've been spending far too much time inside my apartment and not getting out of the house during the day.  That is why I started walking.  But I also have some things I'd like to do around the city and on Friday I am going to the deYoung museum to see the Balenciaga and Spain exhibit with Karla.  I've been dying to see it so I am pretty excited.  There are a few other things I'd like to see, so I am going to try and do them before I get back to work.

I've been feeling much better about things lately.  I've been reading about Nichiren Buddhism and have been chanting daily for the last 2 weeks.  It calms me, clears my head,  and makes me focus.  As you know (from my previous post "Faith") I've had reservations about any type of "religion" but this doesn't feel like that to me (they refer to it as a "practice") and I honestly feel better every time I chant.  I still have a lot to learn but it is really helping me.  I wasn't sure before if this would work for me, but I can't deny that it has.

So, that is all my news for now....fingers crossed that this phone interview turns into something!! 


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cut and Paste

It is raining here today...a perfect day to stay in and get out as many resumes and applications as possible. 

It is a very dull and repetitive process but one that over the last few months I have become very adept!! (Cut and Paste, Cut and Paste!! LOL). Some companies have you upload your resume AND fill out all the of same information on their web portals...it is annoying beyond words and so innefficient (in my humble opinion).  But if I want to work, I need to do it. And believe me...I want to work!!

No more information from the few contract jobs I interviewed for in the last few weeks. (Other than what I mentioned in my last post). I've spoken to the people in India again as well...but so far not one of these opportunities is an actual job offer so I just keep plugging away!!

I had a good weekend, although I spent a lot of time on buses going between Olivia's and Veronica's taking care of their cats...it was nice though.  Saturday I went to watch the Barcalona vs. Man U game at The Blarney Stone with Karla then we headed down to Olivia's to hang out for a while and we were later joined by Nicole...it was fun! Then I headed to Veronica's for a bit too. I did the other days alone, but having the girls with me Saturday made it an event! LOL.

No plans for the week so far...hoping for a last minute interview or even phone interview...just something to keep the momentum going.  I've been more positive about everything and I am trying really hard not to be down on the situation and just be grateful for the things that are going well.


Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've heard the term "shorlisted" twice this week in reference to positions I have applied to.  Both positions are here in California and both are contract positions...one for a Healthcare company and one for a Bank. 

I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I think it means that I have got past the HR department of those companies and I am now in front of the hiring managers. (Well, not me, my resume!).  It's good news I suppose and hopefully it means I will get at least an in person interview at some point.  I've also been chatting with a company in India as well...it looks promising, but with all 3 roles, I am trying not o get too excited.  There are so many ways things could go wrong (especially with India and getting an Visa), so I keep applying to things day in and day out hoping that my search comes to an end soon.

I am having trouble sleeping again.  It started a few weeks ago.  Staying up until 4am and then having trouble rising in the morning.  I was doing so well!!  Nicole gave me some melatonin and I think its working, but I still haven't been able to fall asleep before 2am...when I do though, the sleep is less restless and I wake up less often.  I just have to try and take it even earlier in the hopes of getting myself out of this crazy sleep pattern.

It's Memorial Day Weekend.  Last year, I was boarding a plane to Melbourne, then on to New Delhi a week later.  This year I am cat sitting 3 cats for 2 different friends (Veronica and Olivia) while they board planes to far off destinations....what a difference a year makes right?  It's kind of depressing!! LOL. 

I wish I had something to look forward to.  I was hoping to make it back East for a fundraiser for my friends Jeff and Trisha's little girl Thea who is battling a brain tumor.  She is going to have a lemonade stand in her honor to raise funds and awareness for her condition ( http://www.alexslemonade.org/mypage/70964 to make a donation).  I really wanted to go...first of all, because her parents are amazing and this little munchkin is a fighter and I really wanted to meet her!!  It isn't looking like I will be going though due to (surprise surprise) lack of funds!!

Anyway,  everyone enjoy your holiday weekend....I will be roaming the City, feeding these cats and hanging out in other peoples apartments watching their cable/movies and drinking the wine they left me as a Thank You! (Thanks for that by the way ladies!!).


Monday, May 23, 2011

We're All Still Here....

So, the world didn't come to a crashing halt on Saturday...phew!! (Just in case it did, I went out Friday night with Veronica! LOL)

That means, another week of submitting resumes and hopefully some interviews for me!!  I haven't heard from any of the places I spoke to last week...but if there is one thing I have learned during this time...it is PATIENCE!! I followed up with the people though, and I hope to get at least one in person interview out of all of this!! 

On Friday it will be a year since I left on my trip to Australia and India.  I honestly can't believe a year has passed.  It has at the same time been incredibly slow going and boring and yet flown by!! I'm not going to lie...until I left India I didn't realize what a huge impact those 12 little girls had made on me. Often times I thought "What in world am I doing here?" and "Am I really making a difference for them?".  But when I got home, and over the last year I have realized that they made a difference for ME...not the other way around.  They made me want to do more for the less fortunate, and especially for young women and girls not just here in San Francisco and but everywhere.  Even though my contributions may be small at the moment...I hope that someday I can do a lot more. 

Not only them, but that country.  Despite the heat (which was really the hardest thing to overcome), I loved it there...the people I met, the culture...the food...ahhhh...the food!!  I would give my left arm to be able to go back again.  I have spoken to a company over there about work.  I met a couple from Texas when I was travelling in Goa (Garry & Teal) and they have contacts over there and on a whim I sent Garry my resume.  He then forwarded to his business contacts and I have been emailing with one of them.  Like all the other jobs here in the US...I am terrified of getting my hopes up...(especially with Visa issues) .. but again like all the others here...I am hopeful.  I have also received some emails from Scottish companies as well, and as I have mentioned been speaking to someone in Philadelphia.  The idea of moving out of San Francisco and having a fresh start somewhere is sounding less and less scary to me now. 

I just want to work!!!


PS.  During the course of this posting, I received an email saying that my resume has been short-listed for one of the positions here in the Bay Area!! No interview yet though!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


This has been the busiest week of interviewing I have had EVER!! 

I have had 4 phone interviews so far this week.  I have one later as well, and maybe even a call with a company in India.  I have interviewed for positions on both coasts and for in house recruiting positions ... which is ideally what I would like to do.  I hope at least a few of them turn into more. (That would be an in person meeting).

I feel a little better knowing that all my hard work is paying off.  I am by no means "taking it easy" because of all of these interviews.  I am still applying daily to positions. To be honest, I am afraid to get my hopes up about any of them until it goes a little further in the process.  All seem really interesting and I am afraid if I look too far forward I will be disappointed like I was with that Bank recruiting role. (I never did hear from them again!).  Right now all I can do is to be articulate and cheerful and give good interviews about how I see myself in these roles and hope that they give me a chance. 

Other than all of the interviews I haven't done that much this week.  Well, my apartment is spic and span, all my laundry is done, and my dry cleaning turned in...basically I have been trying to keep busy doing mundane things in order to be a little less "down" than I was last week.  It seems to be working ... well except its Thursday and I don't have anything to do but wait for my next phone interview!! LOL!! 

I spent yesterday with Juan, which is always a joy for me.  He is so funny these days and we have the most interesting conversations on the bus.  His latest topics are all about how when he is 4 (which is a few months away) he will be bigger (true) and that when he is bigger he can do lots of things he apparently can't do now because he is 3. This includes...running faster and getting on the bus without my help!! So funny.  I'm so in love with this kid....the thought of leaving him (if I can't find work here) makes me choke up!

Me and Juan at the zoo last week

Anyway, like I said, I am feeling better because of the progress made this week.  I am a little more upbeat and more hopeful that things will be changing for me sooner rather than later.  I just have to keep doing what I am doing...sending out resumes EVERY day, and being more positive about my situation instead of wallowing in my boredom. 

Thanks again to all of you for your love, support and kind words last post...it helped more than you know!!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Reconnected....and it Feels so Good!!!

What a week!! 

I had no computer for about 5 days and I felt so disconnected!  I couldn't apply for jobs, I couldn't properly check all my emails, and (gasp!) I couldn't watch Netflix or Hulu online!!! It was tough.  Most days are already boring but that added a whole new level to my boredom!!!

Anyway, thanks once again to my parents, I was able to use the last of the juice on my laptop to order a new charger and it arrived yesterday.  I started going through my emails and applied to a few jobs and caught up on Glee and The Daily Show (it's the little things that make me happy!!).

I had a phone interview on Monday, and it went well.  I should know more by next week if they want to meet me in person.  I like the sound of the job and it will be an opportunity to get out of Financial Services recruitment and into IT ... this is something I really want.  I feel like not everyone is willing to give you that sort of chance.  You need to the same skill set, but for some reason it is difficult to be given a proper chance. Hopefully, this firm will!! I haven't had any other calls this week about work, I think because I didn't start applying until yesterday.  Three (work) days off without submitting resumes does make a difference...that is what I have discovered.  I just have to buckle down the rest of this week and get as many out as possible.

I am still struggling financially every single day. Every decision I make, I make VERY carefully when it comes to money.  It is getting harder and harder to make it from Unemployment Check to Check....I worry every day.  I haven't had any babysitting work for a few weeks, and so I have posted once again on Craigslist looking for something.  I realize I can't commit to being a Nanny so I am just looking for babysitting work.  These little jobs help me make it from week to week, so it is worth the little bit of extra effort to find them.

I've been able to get out a little in the last week.  Last Friday I attended the Give Water, Give Life Benefit given by my friend Jenna and the organization she works with Water 1st.  I got to go out with Nicole, which is rare these days so I had fun!  Last night was Spark!'s 2nd Annual Swap For Good benefiting Freedom House (a shelter for trafficked women here in SF).  I got some cool new clothes (more I think than I brought to swap!).  Tonight, I am going to another Spark! event with Nicole and Alex.  It is a Career Night for the young girls of Oasis (a life skills program for girls 14-17 years old).  I wish I could do more than just attend these things, like donate money etc. but for now, my attendance and support is all I can offer.

I have to be honest, it is becoming more and more difficult to be positive about how things are going these days.  I try really hard to be positive and cheery but mostly it is just a front because I don't want my family and friends to worry.  Then, something happens to make me realize just how lucky I am to STILL have a roof over my head, the ability to continue to look for work,  and the love of my family and good friends.  Last week a classmate from my high school in NJ lost her battle with Breast Cancer.  Her name was Stacy and she was 38 years old and the mother of 4 kids aged 4-10yrs.  She fought hard, and expressed her fears, love, struggles with all of us on Facebook...she was fearless and an inspiration to all who knew her.  I didn't know her well, but her honesty about her fight that she conveyed to us was unmatched. I so admired that about her.  Her friends and family have lost an amazing woman...but I hope they know just how much she touched us all.

I may not have all that I once had, but I have my health.  I have my family.  I have my friends.  And I have the ability to make a difference in the world around me and to bring awareness to all about the things that affect women and girls around the world and in my city. As I continue with the job search I am going to try and hold onto that little nugget and to think about it when those feelings of self pity start to rear their ugly head!!  I know, that somewhere in the world there is a job for me....and that all this stuff that I am going through will help me do that job better when I do get it!!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Emotional Rollercoaster

I've had a rough week.  I don't know quite how to explain it.  I've felt emotional and moody and let down and bored.  I felt the worst I've ever felt since I have been unemployed.

The funny thing is, after the disappointing interview the other day, I've had several calls about other interesting opportunities.  I would say more in this week than the last 3 months combined.  But it hasn't helped my emotional state at all.  I struggled through the phone interviews trying to sound upbeat and personable, and in no way did I feel it.  It was so unlike me.  At times, I really just wanted to burst into tears.  And to top it all off I haven't been feeling well either...so maybe that is the main contributor, or am I not feeling well BECAUSE of my emotions...who knows...but I want it to be over!!

I have another phone interview today at 930am.  One of the calls I recieved this week was from a Recruiting Firm based in NJ, but they have a small office out here as well.  It sounds really interesting and has a decent base plus commissions.  I would be working on their biggest account (a Bank) recruiting contract IT people. I had a really good conversation with the guy in NJ and he passed my resume along and I will be speaking with the Manager for this area today.  I've also recieved a few more calls about Executive Admin positions.  Not sure any of these will pan out, but I am willing to give it a shot.  I will do almost anything at this point!!!

I'm hoping my emotional rollercoaster of a week is just a little blip.  I've tried really hard to remain positive these last months but it just caught up with me I suppose....I'm allowing myself this week, but I know it isn't the right attitude and I have to pull myself out of it.  I'm not going to get anywhere feeling sorry for myself...this I know!!!

So, it's Friday and I've been up since 5am...I applied to a few jobs this morning,   I'm going to do my interview later and then be done with looking for work for the week!!

I am going out tonight to my friend Jenna's event at Fort Mason (Water 1st) with Nicole and I am going to relax and have some fun.  On Monday, I will continue my search and with a better attitude!!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Virtual Reality

Today was my first interview for the position at the Solar Energy Company.  It was with a recruiting firm handling the search in downtown San Francisco. 

I applied for the job online a few weeks ago and all communication up to today had been done online.  That included scheduling my interview through their online system.  I thought it was all very efficient but kind of strange.  I didn't speak to one person during the pre-interview stage.  But I just thought that maybe this was the dawn of a new era.  I fully expected to be interviewed in person by someone sitting across from me, shake a hand, look them in the eye get a sense of the job, they could get a sense of me etc.  Unfortunately, that was NOT the case.

I arrive 10 minutes early as requested and was greeted by a receptionist in a very modern looking office.  I wait, and at exactly 2:20pm (my EXACT scheduled time) she called for me and said "Please follow me." I did as I was told and as we were walking down the hall of offices she turns and says "You know this is a web interview, right?". Um, NO, I didn't!! We arrive at the office and I sit down in front of a computer and a woman introduces herself (incidentally, I didn't understand her name...I think she said Mary).  She starts by telling me that the interview will be recorded, and that it will last 15-20 minutes.  She proceeds to start asking questions, and it looks like she is reading from a teleprompter, she is also typing as I speak. At the end she informs me that the recorded video will be reviewed by the Account Executives of the firm and if they like my answers the recording will then be sent on to the hiring managers at the Solar Company and "Is that okay with you?"...Um...okay!  I was so caught off guard from the beginning. I don't know if I ever recovered...it certainly didn't feel like it.

I feel incredibly let down by this whole process.  It felt so impersonal.  How can they possibly judge me on 5 questions asked by someone who wasn't warm or looking at me in person and couldn't get a sense of my entire career? It was all wrong.  Recruiting is a people business.  You don't do it virtually! 

I very highly doubt I will be asked back, I've never felt worse about an interview in my entire career.  I was so confident going in.  I researched the company, what kind of jobs they had open at the moment, I had prepared answers as to how I thought my experience would translate...none of which I got to express to this woman.

I hope this is NOT how things are going to be done going forward.  If so, then I definitely need to find a new career.


Monday, May 2, 2011

It's May....already????

May....how is it May already!!??? I keep thinking that the days are dragging and boring, then I look at the calender and I think where have the months gone???

I got a call this morning about the job I interviewed for last week....they have decided NOT to move forward with me.  I am not that upset about it to be honest, like I said...It wasn't for me.  The good news is I have another interview tomorrow for a Contract Recruiter position for a Solar Energy Company downtown.  It sounds really interesting and I am looking forward to it.  I still haven't heard anything about the Bank job, I sent another email today.  I wish they would just say either way whether or not they are moving forward with me....at least the people from last week called to tell me. 

In the meantime, I have been applying to lots of part-time jobs for anything and everything.  Administrative Assistant, Nanny, Hotel Clerk, Office Worker...anything to get me out the house and doing something!! I've had a few babysitting jobs but it isn't enough money and I really need to find something more permanently part-time...if you know what I mean.

I've decided to wait on the school thing for now.  Since I have decided to open up my search to all over the country (and world), I think its better to see where I land.  Finding a job is Priority #1 at the moment, and if I have to spend all day everyday looking then I will!!! I'm still applying to jobs in India, Australia, the East Coast, West Coast.....at this point, I will go ANYWHERE!!!!

I don't have much planned for the week.  Juan's grandmother is in town so I won't be picking him up from school on my usual day, he's really the only thing I look forward to each week. Friday I am going to an event for an organization my friend Jenna is involved with (Water 1st).  This is my 3rd year at this event so I am looking forward to it and catching up with some people. 

I'll let you all know how the next interview goes....cross your fingers and toes that it goes well for me!!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On the horizon....

For those of you NOT following my facebook page....I lost the nanny job 2 days after it was offered to me.  They decided they wanted someone who wasn't looking for full time work, which I can understand. 

I also had my interview yesterday.  It went okay, but ultimately I don't think it is for me.  It is an Account Executive role...all business development no recruiting...I would like to do both!  The good news is...I have another interview May 3rd for a Contract Recruiting role!!! AND...another on the horizon for an Administrative role for a consulting firm.  I am really excited about both of these opportunities.  I have had quite a few babysitting jobs over the last couple of weeks, so I have been keeping busy with that and the money lightens the load a little.  I am really starting to feel better about how things are progressing and trying to keep positive. I was a little bummed about the role yesterday but it is always good practice to interview so I don't consider it a waste of my time. I felt confident going in, and that is what counts.

I also got a new haircut!  I feel light and free and chic!! I needed a change and hair is the easiest thing to change right now so I just bit the bullet and chopped it off!! 

Other than that...nothing exciting going on!!  I have few networking events in the coming weeks, and plans with my friend Aisha this week, and going to hang with Alex on Friday!  I'm looking forward to letting loose!!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Things Come in 3's....

So what will be my third???  Here are the two pieces of good news I've had in the last 24 hours:

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from a Recruiting firm downtown.  After a 15 minute call they asked me to meet with them!! Yay!!  I have an interview on Monday.  Its a Business Development role mostly, but there will be some recruiting too.  AND there is a salary (plus commission!!).  It sounds good, I just want to be sure that it pays well.  I definitely don't want a highly commissioned job again.

A little later in the afternoon I received an email from a couple that I interviewed with for a Part-Time nanny job about a month ago.  Apparently the person they hired didn't work out (she quit I think) and they are desperate for any help I can give them.  I will be working for them 4 days a week for 3-4 hours....starting TODAY!!!  I told them that I am looking for recruiting work right now and that I can help them for as long as it takes to find work.  Working 4 days a week allows me to still have my day with Juan so that makes me happy too!! 

Last night I attended Sparks Cocktails for a Cause event downtown.  It was nice to get out for a while and chat with some amazing women and do some networking.  I got some business cards and plan on sending my resume to them as well.

So what is next?? I don't know but I am glad things are getting better. I am still applying to lots of jobs on a daily basis because in this market you never know!!